…and that’s why I’m changing it up this Christmas!

I guess it’s official…I’m an adult.

So much has changed for me over time, but I’ve learned that Christmas isn’t about the gifts. It all started this week when I was…I mean Koryn was watching Sofia the First, and Tiana, Disney’s Princess from Princess and the Frog, appeared to Sofia and said “Sweetheart, the gift comes from the heart. My gift is cookin’ and folks know it comes from my heart.” I likely ad-libbed a bit, but I heard that line and thought, “Ya know, there is so much truth in that!”

Trying to reach some financial goals (being broke until payday) has taught me to give from the heart, not from my pocket. It really did! I had to change the way I thought of things if I was going to be able to give. I learned that if that translates into a gift that costs a lot, then so be it, but it isn’t going to be where I start. This year, I plan to put some thought into my gifts and to give what matters most!


Given by one of my favorite professors while at Clemson



This book was given to me by one of my favorite professors, but it was not the gift that meant all the world, but the message she wrote inside. It said “I used it to write my dissertation. I pass it onto you as a scholar and teacher and hope you will use it in your classroom with your own students or to motivate you in your own future doctoral studies. It is an honor to have taught you and to know you!” I often look at that¬†book and am reminded that someone whom I respect, believes in me. As we figure out life, we all need that from someone. I hope to give that gift this year to someone!


I challenge you to give from the heart!

Merry Christmas!